£12 per class

Primary teacher led

50-minute live class

Small class sizes

Primary national curriculum-based

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Primary School in Online Learning


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Primary School Online Learning




Our Critical Thinking Classes...

Primary School in Online Learning Critical Mind Benders

Critical Mind Benders

Critical Mind Benders will ensure your child has the confidence to tackle maths and English problems by developing their reasoning, questioning and decision making skills.

 Just £12 Per Class

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Primary School in Online Learning Resilient Kids

 Resilient Kids

Tackling a range of fun and interactive games in the critical thinking format will give your child the confidence to identify positive ways of thinking and overcome any challenges they face.

 Just £12 Per Class

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 Primary School in Online Learning Dazzling Detectives


Dazzling Detectives

A brain-bending mystery is the theme of Dazzling Detectives, and your child's analytical skills will be put to the test as they seek to crack the case!

Just £12 Per Class

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 Primary School in Online Learning Can you spot a fake? 

Can You Spot A Fake?

From the TV to the internet, there are multiple media platforms, and our Can You Spot a Fake class will enable your child to critically evaluate all the current media content they consume.

 Just £12 Per Class

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 Primary School in Online Learning Hot Debate


Hot Debate

Hot Debate is the class where your child will learn how to construct an argument. Children will debate thought-provoking topics with their peers and build upon their listening and speaking skills.

 Just £12 Per Class

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Critical Thinking Kids

Because thinking can be taught in an online class!

These days our children are expected to remember lots of information, but often without the right skills necessary to use and analyse this information effectively. At Critical Thinking Kids, we help children develop their analytical, evaluative and decision-making skills through fun, interactive online classes that incorporate English, Maths and other subject-based content from the national primary curriculum.

Lessons are always exciting and engaging, but most importantly, will develop their critical thinking, a highly transferable skill that is useful both in and outside the classroom. Each class is taught by an experienced primary school teacher using fresh content that is never repeated. If you would like to learn more about primary school online learning, then please get in touch with us at Critical Thinking Kids.

Why Critical Thinking?





Primary School in Online Learning


Why Critical Thinking?

 At Critical Thinking Kids, we are primary school teachers, with years of experience in the classroom. We've noticed that many children when faced with a problem, lack the right skills to find a solution to that problem. Although the national curriculum is great at teaching children what to think, some children lack the ability to think about the why or the how. Critical thinking is an essential skill that enables children to think independently, evaluate information and solve problems. It is a highly transferable skill that children will be able to use in all areas of life both in and outside of the classroom.?


Why Choose Critical Thinking Kids?

  • Fun and lively
  • Interactive and collaborative
  • New classes and content each week
  • Build transferable learning skills
  • Designed using the national primary curriculum
  • Each class is taught by an experienced online tutor and practising primary school teacher

  • Complement and support your child’s school learning
  • Classes for ages 6-8 and 9-11
  • Small class sizes of 3-8 children to encourage collaborative learning
  • 50 minute classes
  • Flexible evening and weekend class times
  • Pay-as-you-learn
  • Only £9 per class

Critical Thinking Kids is based in Yorkshire, UK. Our classes are taught by online tutors and can be accessed anywhere in the world including the USA, Canada and Asia.