Primary School in Online Learning Can you spot a fake?

Can you Spot a Fake?

Use your critical thinking skills to spot what’s true or not in the media


 One Class (Age 9-11)

Let’s turn off the TV and put down our phones for this hour to try and really spot what it is we’re watching and reading every day. We will look at how the media is a fun, fast-paced and exciting place for a young person. But it comes with built-in problems. How can we really tell what we’re seeing is real? We will use our critical thinking skills to look at current and age-appropriate media content and decide for ourselves what is merely fun and what we can use as a basis to build our opinions and sense of self in that huge world around us. We will use our critical thinking skills (questioning, problem solving, analysing, decision-making, evaluating, reasoning and summarising) to pull things apart and carefully put them back together, creating a clearer picture for us all.

Content for this class is changed weekly to reflect current news. All you need for the class is an inquisitive mind, paper and a pen!

 Your teacher for this class will be: Anna 

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