Primary School in Online Learning Critical Mind Benders

Critical Mind-Benders

Maths and English-focused problem solving and reasoning


Two Classes (Ages 6-8 and 9-11)

These high-energy and welcoming online lessons will mix Maths and English to test your child's critical thinking skills. Using a mix of questioning, problem solving, analysing, decision-making, evaluating, reasoning and summarising we will develop your child's sense of curiosity through logic and reasoning games, identifying patterns, classifying and grouping, and other problem solving challenges. We will learn how to use these skills to work our way round the tangle of a problem. This experience will test prior knowledge and your child's ability to be resourceful to find a solution. Your child will no longer feel the fear of being stuck and understand that this is an essential part of finding a solution.

Built into the activities are ‘extension’ tasks for the students who finish quickly. Each class will include varied individual and paired activities to encourage collaboration and idea-sharing with regular teacher interaction and feedback. Children can write private answers to the teacher in the ‘chat’ box and are invited to share with the group verbally, however, there is no pressure to do this. All you need for the class is a positive mind-set, a pen and a few pieces of paper!

We know your child is going to love these classes, so each week there will be completely new, brain-bending and exciting challenges! Please get in touch to book a Critical Mind-Benders primary school online learning class at Critical Thinking Kids.

 Your teacher for this class will be: Anna 

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