Primary School in Online Learning Hot Debate

Hot Debate

Using critical thinking skills to debate a current hot topic


One Class (Age 9-11)

Is being scared of nothing worse than being scared of everything? Should you say thanks to a robot waiter? We will start our mind-bending and tongue-twisting debate class with rapid-fire fun questions to get those brains of ours oiled and ready. We will use our critical thinking skills (questioning, problem solving, analysing, decision-making, evaluating, reasoning and summarising) to pull apart hot topics of the day, such as ‘should children decide how much screen-time they get?’

If your child likes working with others, and are up for building some great collaborative skills such as listening and speaking, then this is a class for them! There will be a mild element of competition, but really we’re here to have fun and become better at summarising a situation. Your child will be shown the basics of how to form arguments, take notes, and respond to opponents. Don’t worry! - no prior knowledge of debate, public speaking, or topics are required to join in! Come to this class with just an open mind, a pen and piece of paper.

 Your teacher for this class will be: Anna 

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