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Resilient Kids

How your critical thinking can stop you sinking



Two Classes (Ages 6-8 and 9-11)

A fun, interactive online lesson that helps your child build resilience by increasing healthy thinking and reducing unhelpful thinking, giving your child the confidence to direct their thoughts with optimism and overcome challenges.

Using the critical thinking format (questioning, problem solving, analysing, decision-making, evaluating, reasoning and summarising), we will look at what’s going on around us and how this can impact on our behaviours. We will look at how to catch our thoughts and flip them around to create more positive and respectful ways of interacting and overcome challenges. We will learn how to identify resilient learners and how this helps them to navigate our complicated but amazing world.

Each class will include varied individual and paired activities to encourage collaboration and idea-sharing with constant teacher interaction and feedback. Children can write private answers to the teacher in the ‘chat’ box and are invited to share ideas verbally with the group, however, there is no pressure to do this. All you need for the class is a curiosity about yourself, a pen and a few pieces of paper!

 Your teacher for this class will be: Anna 

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